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Enough of the Nonsense!
It's Time to Take Back DISTRICT 2!


"I’ll stop the nonsense and fight to return Louisiana, and the country, back to their great potential!"

I’m not a politician, but like you I’m fed up with the fools and fanatics in government destroying and our lives and freedoms while living by a different set of rules for themselves. It’s time for it to end! Only a few short years ago, Louisiana was a state of economic growth, a worldwide tourist destination where millions came to celebrate its distinctive beauty, and one-of-a-kind food, festivals, and culture. Today, it’s a grim shadow of its former self. Under Democratic rule New Orleans has become the murder capital of America! Homicides are up 155%, Carjackings are up 191%, and the homeless crisis is out of control. Combined with some of the most burdensome business regulations in the country, people who once called Louisiana home are now calling it quits! LA is 25th among states in total population, yet ranked 5th in people leaving, while surrounding states like Georgia, Florida, and Texas are attracting residents. New Orleans has turned its back on the people who love it. Those who make it great. It’s heartbreaking to see proud New Orleanians who no longer feel safe, no longer consider Louisiana their home. All this is largely due to what’s happening in District 2 under the failed leadership of Troy Carter and the Democrats. It’s unacceptable and now it’s time to take the District back! Ordinary people, like you and I, who play by the rules, follow the laws, pay our taxes, and care for our families have had Enough! It’s time to get rid of career politicians who only serve their own self-interest and elect leaders that are not in it for the money, the power, or the prestige but instead for the love of this country and a passion to build a future of prosperity and freedom for everyone. If you see what’s happening and have also said, “Enough!”, then it’s time to ditch Troy Carter and vote Dan Lux for District 2. I’ll put a stop to the nonsense and fight to return Louisiana, and the country, back to their great potentials. Vote Dan Lux for Congress in Louisiana’s District 2.

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